Brisk Version 1.1.0

Introducing Animations Engine

Animations are one of the most effective tools you can use on your website. The skilful use of animations can help to increase your traffic in ways that ordinary static content can't.

Create stunning animations in just a few clicks

Animating your entire website with Brisk is as easy as ABC. There are individual controls at your disposal and you can selectively turn on/off any of the available animation groups: Page Transitions, Top Banner, Header, Mobile Header, Page Title, Footer, Blog, Portfolio & Shop.

7 different animations

Choose between Fade, Fade Up, Fade Down, Reveal, Fade & Reveal, Slide Along, Slide on Top. *

Precise speed & delay controls

Custom timing inputs for delay and child elements delay. Three speed presets for animation duration.

Disable globally in one click

Turning the animations off globally will increase browser performance on client side (files are not loaded).

Animation types vary depending on the element (eg. while some animations look good on page transitions, it doesn’t make sense on headers).

Eye-catching page transitions.

Give your website an extra touch while moving away from the hard-cut of page loads with these smooth transitions.

Animated top banners that pop.

Grab your users’ attention using the lively animated marketing banners.

Smooth header animations.

Being the strategic part of the page that people see in the first seconds of loading a website, a header acts as a kind of invitation. With Brisk animations, you can take your website header to the next level.

Animated mobile menu.

Because mobile web design is still evolving, now is the perfect time to be creative and experiment with what works best for your site.

Inviting page titles.

Navigating through inner pages shouldn’t be boring. Keep your visitors engaged with attention-grabbing page titles.

Animated footers.

Footers, which appear at the bottom of web pages, get the short end of the UX time and resource budget. However, you should still pay attention to footers because they can greatly enhance a user’s experience.

Blogs that keep you engaged.

Promoting your services and goods is not an easy task, especially in a highly competitive business climate. That’s when the blog comes in handy.

It helps you with the multimedia representation of your company, keeps the audience interested, and promotes your company.

Dynamic portfolio grids.

A good-looking portfolio that uniquely showcases your work will encourage your visitors and potential clients to remember you for their next project.

Animated shops.

This is the first impression your client gets when they visit your web shop and if they like what they see, it is more likely they will stay and scroll through your pages, search for all the information and reasons why to buy from your shop and, at the end, visit the product pages.

One panel to control everything

With Brisk, all animations can be controlled in a single page, with intuitive settings and precise controls.

Animate your page content using Elementor page builder

When animation is used in a correct way, it can help users build mental models about how the system works and how they can interact with it.

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